The Power of Pamper

There is nothing sexy about being sick. Not that being sexy is a necessity… but something about a runny nose, blocked sinuses and an ab-workout-worthy cough, makes me acutely aware of the fact that being sick makes me descend into a black hole of self pity and frizzy hair. With the weather around me turning into a nightmarish experience of ‘four seasons in a day’, flu season is well and truly back, I want to remind people that it’s the little simple things that can make you feel better when you’re body’s working hard.

I realise that bed rest is absolutely essential when you get sick – your body is trying to fight a virus so you need to go easy on it. However! Along with all the orange juice (get that Vitamin C kids) and water and chicken soup and antibiotics or whatever your doctor recommends, making sure that you make yourself feel better speeds up the process.

About two weeks ago, when I came down with a bout of “acute upper respiratory infection” (super sexy), I felt somewhere between a leaky tap and a hermit; my skin was dull, my hair was a mess and I spent too much energy coughing to care. About a week into my illness though, I realised that it was being such a mess that was making things worse.

It’s no secret really, this isn’t groundbreaking stuff, but I think it’s something we forget, or something we tend to take too far. Either we can wallow in self pity about the fact we’re ill and sound like Janice from Friends (OH. MY. GOD.) or we take two Codral, put on a brave face and some strategically placed concealer and run out the door hoping that if we pretend we’re not sick, we won’t be.

Instead, wash your hair, paint your nails, put on a face mask, shave your legs (works a treat at helping you feel like you’re semi-back to normal), do something you love that makes you feel fresh, clean and happy.

Embrace the power of pamper people, and get well soon.