Well hi!

Thank you for stumbling upon my little slice of the interwebs, I hope you’ll stick around for a little madness!

I’m an 19-year-old media student and cupcake enthusiast who one day hopes to travel the world and become a fully-fledged adult with adult-y things and adult-y clothes (and shoes). Finding my place as a journalist would be a beautiful strawberry on top of everything (cherries just aren’t my thing).

This blog is a beautiful collection of all the things that I love. There will be opinion, there will be rambling, there will be necessary unleashing of feeling, there will be intelligent discussion (take that shocked look off your face) and there may even be a few nuggets of wisdom.

Above all however, it must be noted that anything I write here is my own opinion. I can only speak for myself and I will not claim to know what others are thinking or feeling.

If you don’t know me personally, I hope that this blog will shed some light on the kind of human being I am, and if you do know me personally, remember that this space is where I am myself*.

I hope you enjoy —


*with this in mind, please note that I write what I know:
I will write about my life, I will write about what I am going through and I will write about the people who I am fortunate enough to have encountered.
Please respect the fact that this blog is for me, if I am in crisis or writing about something I am struggling with, names will not be mentioned, so please do not presume that anything is about you.


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